We are a volunteer based organization

This club would not work without volunteers so please think about pitching in. There are informal volunteering opportunities every week and at all of our events. Better yet, make a commitment to one of our dedicated roles and help steer the club in this phase of rapid growth.

Informal volunteer opportunities

  • Informal help to watch bags and bikes during our practices
  • One time volunteering at races and special events. Help with setup, timing, transitions, safety on the course, registration, clean up and of course … cheering!
  • Car pooling and occasional transportation
  • Help out in the pool or join us on runs and bike excursions.
  • Talk to our event coordinator to see how you can help out with:

Dedicated Volunteer Roles: Board of Directors+

Elected Board Position
Oversees the direction of the club.  All coaching contractors report to the president.
Elected Board Position
Helps the president.  Special projects report to the vice-president.
Elected Board Position
Responsible for all financial aspects of the club.
Elected Board Position
Records all meetings and looks after registration.
Events Coordinator
Elected Board Position
All event committees report to the events coordinator.
Volunteer Coordinator
Elected Board Position
Responsible for all volunteers and supports the events coordinator.
Kids of Steel Representative
Elected Board Position
A voice for the Kids of Steel group.  Supports the coaches with KOS activities
Adventure Tri Representative
Elected Board Position
A voice for the Adventure Tri Group.  Supports the coaches with Adventure Tri activities.
Website Support and Content
Volunteer Position
Helps with keeping the website up to date.  Posting news stories and other interested items.
Social Media
Volunteer Position
Posts items of Exceleration’s Twitter and Public Facebook page
Clothing Coordinator
Volunteer Position
Helps determine clothing for purchase, send out order forms, and deliver clothing when it arrives.
Tri It Triathlon Race Coordinator
Volunteer Position
Go to person to make sure everything is happening.
North Shore Food Coordinator
Volunteer Position
Responsible for coordinating the preparation of volunteer food for the race and Exceleration’s goodie table
Winterfest Coordinator
Volunteer Position
Help’s organize the pot-luck food, volunteers, and decorations.