Only a minimum amount of inexpensive equipment is required to complete a youth triathlon.   Below is a list of items athletes will need to complete an event.

EquipmentSwimthe swim

  • a swim suit (must have)
  • goggles
  • swim cap (optional but some races provide all athletes with caps)


EquipmentBikethe bike

  • a certified helmet that fits properly
  • a bike (any type will do—mountain bikes are recommended for KOS athletes)
  • shirt, singlet, or swim suit to cover the chest and stomach (must have)


EquipmentRunthe run

  • running shoes (with good support)
  • shirt, singlet, or swim suit to cover your chest and stomach (must have)


other items (optional)

  • water bottle
  • elastic number belt (to pin your number on)
  • sun glasses
  • hat or visor (if sunny or raining)
  • towel (for drying feet)


Important Safety Notes

 Helmets should be certified by: CSA (Canadian Standards Association), ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), BS (British Standard), AS (Australian Standard), SNELL, or CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission in the U.S.).

  • Cycling helmets are only designed for one hard crash, even if they do not look damaged.  Replace helmets after a crash or if a helmet has been thrown or dropped repeatedly on a hard surface.
  • Avoid borrowing or buying used helmets.
  • Replace helmets at least once a year if children and youth are riding often.
  • Complete a thorough bike check before each ride (BikeSafetyPDF) and take the bike in for regular maintenance at a bike shop.
  • Brakes. Ensure athletes can reach the brakes comfortably, brake pads are not worn, and the brakes work quickly and effectively.
  • Size.  Ensure the bike size fits your athlete and will not cause injury (BikeSafetyPDF).