These are most of the races that Exceleration athletes will attend during the season.  Athletes/Parents are responsible for registering for the race (link provided).  ALL Exceleration athletes are TriBC members, if you need your number, please contact KristopherHildebrand at

Not all available races are listed.  The TriBC event list contains all TriBC sanctioned events.

KOS=ages 6-10

YOS=ages 11-14

Youth=ages 15-17

Elite=ages 17-23

+: Means advanced athletes in this group


Tri BC Complete Race Schedule



Youth, Elite: Feb 23Surrey Indoor Triathlon.  A fun way to break up the winter months with a bit of fast racing.  Register online:


YOS, Youth, Elite: Mar 7UBC Triathlon.  The start of the triathlon season.  ages 13-15 register in the Youth Triathlon, ages 16+ Register in the Short or Sprint Triathlon.  Register online:



KOS,YOS,Youth: May 2 – Delta Triathlon.   Officially Cancelled

KOS, YOS, Youth, Elite: May 18North Shore Triathlon.  An amazing local race, suggest everyone does this race.  There are many categories: Elite (13-23) do the super series, KOS/YOS/Youth (4-15) do the Kids of Steel, Youth/Adult (16+) do the Adult Sprint.  Register online: ; Draft Legal has a separate registration: Draft Legal Link (at


KOS, YOS, Youth, Elite: June 7Victoria Youth Triathlon.  Our premier travel event.  Athletes car pool over then stay in single or double person dorms beside the race course.  Elite (13-23) do the super series, Everyone else registers in their age category.  Race Register online:, Register for travel/accommodation on our website at:

Everyone: June 21Exceleration’s Tri It Triathlon.  The greatest kids triathlon that we organize.  Register Here:

Elite: June 27 – Monroe Draft Legal Race.  A fast race in the US.  Register after Jan 30th (limited spots):


YOS+, Youth, Elite: July 1 – VOWSA Canada Day Swim

KOS, YOS, Youth, Elite: July 4-5Kelowna Apple Triathlon.  A great fast and competitive triathlon.  Elite do the Draft Legal Race, Under 16 register in their age category, 16 and over in the Sprint or Try-A-Tri Race.  Register Here: – Note: coaches will attend but we are not organizing team accommodation.

YOS: BC Super Week Youth Series (Male: 2004, 2005, 2006; Female: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006): July 6-13th – a series of fast cycling races.  A great way to experience fast cycling.   Information:

BC Games Age: July 23-26 – BC Games


KOS, YOS, Youth, Elite: Aug 8Kamloops Kids Triathlon.  A new race for our team this year.  Elite do the Draft Legal Race, Under 19 register in your age Category.  Register Here:   We will be looking at staying at a camp ground or similar as a group.

YOS, Elite: Aug 19-23 – Edmonton 2020. A ITU world championship with racing for all levels.  We are looking at traveling as a team if athletes are interested.  Race details:


YOS, Youth, Elite: Vancouver Triathlon

KOS, YOS, Youth, Elite: Sept 13Vernon Triathlon.  A great race to finish the season with.  We stay in the camp ground beside the race course (call to book: Sandy Beach Campground – 250-308-4633).  Register for the race here: