DUE to Covid Restrictions, we are not running our normal summer camps. Please see Summer 2020 for summer events.

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Daily bike trips and swim lessons by trained coaches will improve their skills, stamina and safety knowledge within the week. A non competitive program that focuses on core physical competency, respectful community, and social responsibility.  Develop physical literacy in a fun, multi-movement environment. Afternoons feature arts & crafts, and team building through various sports.

2020 Summer: 5 Weeks Total

2020 Registration opens: April 27 at the pool and online, April 28 via phone-in

Full Day: 9:00am-4:00pm (drop off starts at 8:45 and pick up until 4:15)
Half Day: 9:00am-Noon (drop off stats at 8:45 and pick up until 12:15)

Early Drop Off – 8-9am
Late Pick Up – 4-5pm
1/2 Day Camps: 5-12 years
Full Day Camps: 7-12 years

Register online at: https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/vancouver/Activity_Search?txtActivitySearch=Exceleration&applyFiltersDefaultValue=true&cat=Activities
In-Person at Templeton Pool (family discounts only available in-person)

This program starts daily in the Activity Room at Templeton Park Pool.

What do we do at the Camps?

  • Each week has a theme.
  • Every day is an adventure.
  • Bike a Tour De East Van as we visit different destinations each morning.
  • Create amazing structures, shelters, machines, art, and more with surprise group challenges.
  • Try out new games, teams, and meet new friends.
  • Swim practice, lesson, AND free time each day.
  • Twice a week – special music instructors will organize and teach music
  • Do a full triathlon on Friday for prizes! (and of course, don’t forget the famous Gelato run on Friday afternoon!)
  • Last Year, the 3rd week made a beautiful quilt for Templeton’s First Aid Room


Copy of Parent Email below:

Dear Parent-Guardians,
Welcome to Exceleration’s Summer Camps!
Please, read the following information VERY carefully as it contains important information about equipment, safety, and coaching contacts.
At Exceleration we emphasize RESPECT, INCLUSION, and COMMUNITY.
We ask that all athletes treat EVERYONE the way they want to be treated, using kind words, voices, and actions toward everyone in the camps.
We ask that athletes be prepared to meet new friends and work in different groups throughout the week.
We ask that all athletes celebrate the STRENGTHS of other athletes, coaches, and leaders.
We ask that all athletes “TRI” their best and be brave when attempting new skills. There will be a lot throughout the week!
We ask that parents re-inforce these values and remind athletes to be kind, caring, and friendly to everyone, so we can all have more FUN!
All athletes will receive Activity Books to fill out throughout the week and take home on Friday.
*You will receive a weekly schedule on the first day of camp that has a list of planned activities and outings.  They are subject to change if the weather dictates.
*Every week culminates in a TRIATHLON on Friday morning.  Athletes will complete a full “Swim-Bike-Run” event starting at roughly 10am.
Parent/guardians are invited to come watch and cheer.
In the afternoon (all day camps) we walk / run to Gelato for ice cream.
Please, bring $5 on Friday for ice cream.
8:00-9:00am for those who paid for early drop-off
9:00-4:00pm camp times for ALL DAY
*swim from 12-1 Mon to Thurs
4:00-5:00pm for those who paid for late pick-up
8:00-9:00am for those who paid for early drop-off
9:00am-12:00pm camp times
*swim 11:30-12pm
*Parent/guardians MUST be on pool deck by 12 noon to change athletes after their swim.
We store the bikes in the activity room for the Half Day campers, so you can pick those up after the camp.
-1-2 water bottles (filled with water!!)
– two healthy snacks and lunch
*We are active all day, so please, pack extra food as athletes get hungry throughout the day!
– all-weather clothing for biking, running, playing outside: running shoes, jacket, active clothes
– an extra set of clothes (FULL change)
– bike, helmet, and BIKE LOCK (for all day adventurers)
*Please, fasten a BRIGHTLY coloured item to your bike lock key (so we can find it when it gets lost!!)
– swim suit, towel, and goggles
– hat, sunscreen
*In the event of rain, please, bring WATER RESISTANT PANTS and JACKET for cycling outside
*We do not have storage space for bikes overnight. Parent/guardians are responsible for taking bikes home and bringing them back each morning.
When you arrive, proceed to the TEMPLETON ACTIVITY ROOM to sign in and hand in waivers the first day.
You will see tents set up on the NORTH field for our camps.
ALL ATHLETES MUST CHECK IN AND OUT WITH A COACH when arriving at and departing from the camp.
In triathlon, athletes must wear their HELMETS at ALL TIMES when they are TOUCHING THEIR BIKES.
Please, make sure helmets are fit properly and bikes are in working order (brakes, fit, gears, etc.)
Athletes are asked to STAY WITH THE GROUP AT ALL TIMES.
Athletes must check in and out with a coach if they need to go to the washroom or leave the group for any reason.
Please, wear proper foot wear.
NO flip-flops, please! They are dangerous when running.
Kind regards,
The Exceleration Coaching Staff