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YOS and Youth Handbook 2019-20


Location: Everything happens at Templeton Park Pool – 700 Templeton Drive, Vancouver – unless otherwise noted.

For Ages 4-99+;

Age Groups (specific group information available on the Club/Groups page):

  • 4-6 yrs Adventure Tri
  • 7-10 yrs Kids of Steel (KOS)
  • 10-13 yrs Youth of Steel (YOS)
  • 14-19 yrs Youth
  • 16-23 yrs Elite
  • 18+ yrs Adult

We have multiple registration options.  You may register for 1+ days a week by the session (Fall, Winter, Spring) or 2+ days a week by the year (pay from Oct-June, get Sept, July, Aug Free) – see Registration Page for complete details.

All athletes, board members, and coaches receive a free TriathlonBC membership (paid by Exceleration) – please register here


Younger athletes cycle primarily on the track until Mid-October when it gets too dark. Safety presides over speed. We focus on bike handling skills, transitions (on / off bikes, walking / running bikes) and other safety skills. Please, remind your athletes that it is their responsibility to be alert, ride safely, and show respect to others first and foremost. We are NOT focused on speed at this time!

**No Cycling in the Winter Months except Saturdays.  Youth & YOS athletes will ride indoors in the evenings**


We have a bike railing / rack fastened to the outside of the equipment bin (20ft long). We lock bikes while athletes swim. Please, bring your own lock if possible. (We will have cable locks as well).


That means a lot of transition practice (shoes / equipment on and off, on and off, on and off!) Please, make sure that athletes wear shoes that can be taken off and put on again easily. Elastic laces are worth investing in. We do barefoot running and games, so be prepared to have some wet socks and shoes if it is raining!!! Pack your gear accordingly.


Athletes need the following equipment every Mon, Wed, and Fri for Adventure Tri and KOS

  1. bike, helmet, and bike lock (during cycling periods)
  2. swim suit and goggles (please, try and find goggles that fit!)
  3. water bottle and HEALTHY snack (for between activities)
  4. weather appropriate clothing (we will be outside EVERY practice on bikes!)
  5. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: extra shoes and clothes for after practice

Parents and athletes are responsible for bikes being in working order. Please tuned them up and check prior to riding (brakes, stem, handlebars, seat, gears, pedals, wheels (spin), and tire pressure). It is not the coaches’ responsibility to do bike maintenance and this detracts from the cycle time for all athletes.

All Athletes who ride NEED to bring the following to EVERY cycle, please:

  • spare tire
  • portable pump
  • gloves
  • appropriate riding clothes for the weather (remember it is 3-6 degrees COLDER in the wind when cycling!)

Please, keep ALL COACHES posted on injury status, fatigue levels, and training in other sports (school, AM/PM etc.) as we all see you at different times. Thanks!!