A quick look at our programs:

Sport for Life Long Term Athlete Development Model

Adventure Tri

  • Ages 4 to 5
  • Active Start
  • A fun, movement-based group for energetic youngsters
    • play based sports
    • fundamental movement skills in swimming, cycling, and running,
    • physical literacy through games, activities, and cooperative challenges.
    • caring for others, developing basic respect and sportsmanship.
  • Should be comfortable in shallow water (able to go under water, blow bubbles, swim a little bit!) No restrictions on bike or run.

KOS (Kids of Steel®)

  • Ages 6 to 10
  • Fundimentals
  • Action-packed experience for children who love challenge, adventure, and sport.
    • sport-specific technical skills in swimming, cycling, and running
    • overall sport skill development through games and team sports
    • introduction to basic core and fitness training
    • FUN with friends
    • personal-social responsibility and positive behavior in a sport setting.
  • should be comfortable in deep water
  • all abilities welcome

YOS (Youth of Steel)

  • Ages 11-13
  • Learn to train and Learn Fitness
  • Emphasis on learning to train (warm-up, cool down, volume, intensity)
    • Advanced triathlon skills
    • Building self awareness, personal responsibility and athlete autonomy.
    • Continued focus on sportsmanship and positive behavior in a team setting.

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  • Ages 14-19
  • Recreational & Competitive
  • Training to Train/Train for Life
    • Youth Competitive is for athletes pursuing triathlon at a serious level, or those wishing to attain higher levels of skill and fitness in the three sports.
    • Youth Fitness is for youth to keep fit, be with friends, and enjoy the ‘high’ of physical activity. The focus is on commitment to training for fitness and health, social development and leadership opportunities with our younger athletes.
  • Come have fun getting fit with friends!

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Ex (Elite) Program

  • Ages 16-23
  • Competitive
  • Train to Train, Train to Compete
    • For athletes wishing to pursue Elite racing at the BC Games, Youth Draft Legal (14-15 years old), Junior (16-19 years old), & U23 (20-23 years old)
    • Exceleration Elite group is individualized programs and training for youth who want to pursue triathlon at a more competitive level.
  • We offer two streams: Swim Only, or full triathlon program.


  • Adults focus on fitness, health and developing skills with the help of swim coaches, triathlon coaches, and yoga teachers.
  • Parents can swim on saturdays at the same time as their kids: convenient & inspiring
  • Tues/Thurs Morning Swims (5:30-6:30 am) – before work
  • Saturday morning Swims (10-11 am) – during normal practice
  • We teaming up with Sean and Tara (CMS Coaching) for a more cohesive and encompassing group experience.