Volunteering; get involved and make a difference

We are a volunteer based organization

This club would not work without volunteers so please think about pitching in. There are informal volunteering opportunities every week and at all of our events. Better yet, make a commitment to one of our dedicated roles and help steer the club in this phase of rapid growth.

Informal volunteer opportunities

  • Informal help to watch bags and bikes during our practices
  • One time volunteering at races and special events. Help with setup, timing, transitions, safety on the course, registration, clean up and of course ... cheering!
  • Car pooling and occasional transportation
  • Help out in the pool or join us on runs and bike excursions.
  • Talk to our event coordinator to see how you can help out with:


Dedicated volunteer roles

Volunteer Position Volunteer
Board of Directors: Registrar OPEN POSITION !!!
Board of Directors: President Dick Woldring
Board of Directors: Treasurer  
Board of Directors: Karen Fleming
Board of Directors: Secretary Faith Kuboniwa
Board of Directors: Simone Longpre
Board of Directors: Vice-President Sue Macrae
Event Coordination: Winterfest, races etc.. Linda Berg, Faith Kuboniwa
Clothing Coordinator Linda Berg
Hastings Community Center Liaison Brian Pollock
Swim Coach (Adults, KOS & fill-in)

Deb Robertson, Dan Blondal, Leslie Parchamchuk

Running Coach (Youth) Lance Nose
Race Coordinator Justin
Bike Mechanic  
Web Site Dan Blondal